Forrest Milder

Hi! Welcome to my site! I have posted some of my favorite photos here. I took most of them, but mixed in, you'll find pictures of me and my family, parents and grandparents taken by others. If you only have a couple of minutes to look, I suggest you check out "Some Favorites" which has a cross-section of some of my favorite photos all in one gallery. There are MANY galleries, and many photos in each one. You can also find all of my Boston Red Sox photos (including the ones that David Ortiz has up in his home) below. As you browse my webpages, you should click on any photo to see it enlarged. Once you see the larger photo, look below the photo, where you can click on the words "Original" in order to see the photo in its largest size (often bigger than your screen). These photos have been greatly reduced in size, and the contrast has been "turned up", to make them easier to view on the Internet. If you want a 6 to 12 megapixel original (which will make a better printed photograph) let me know, at All photos are copyrighted, and they may not be reproduced without the photographer's permission (in most cases, this means me). Thanks for visiting! -- Forrest Milder