Our Trip to Aruba - forrestmilder

Click on any photo to see it enlarged. Once you see the larger photo, look below the photo, where you can click on the word "Original" in order to see the photo in its largest size (often bigger than your screen).

There are several pages of photos in each gallery. Click on the symbols ">" to go in the direction that the arrow points.   

These photos have been greatly reduced in size, and the contrast has been "turned up", to make them easier to view on the Internet. If you want a 6-50 megapixel original (which will make a far better printed photograph) let me know, at fmilder@nixonpeabody.com. All photos are copyright, Forrest Milder, and they may not be reproduced without my permission. Any resale or publication of any photo without written permission of Forrest Milder is strictly prohibited and is subject to prosecution to the full extent allowable by law. If you have any questions regarding copyrights, please contact me at fmilder@nixonpeabody.com.

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    on September 3, 2004

    As I have said so many times, your photos are truly exceptional! They really should be sorted and the really super ones ( and there are so many ) should be shown to a " real " crtic of photography. I think that his comments would surprise you.

    Are you able to get through FRANCES and leave for Boston on schedule? Glad that it did not seem to bother your trip. Call when you get back home so I know that all went well.

    Love to S & E,